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Feel like you're spinning in circles when it comes to sharing your products and services?

Like you're spreading yourself all over the place trying to sell your magic + medicine.

Listen, it's time to simplify, to get focused and strategic in how you approach marketing in your business.

Your job is to pursue your soulful biz goals.

My job is to help you build an aligned action plan around that.

It might seem like right now is the time to try all the things, to be everywhere at once so you can grow your reach. But the change that is going to bring ease into your marketing process now (and as you grow!) is setting up a focused action plan with strategic goals that will carry you into expansion.

Bottom line, the thing that makes all the difference in an exciting and enjoyable digital marketing experience is having a magnetic process that you can replicate, no matter what product or service you are launching or selling.

So let's map out your unique process!

the framework



Let's get you super clear on your current objective so we can build a plan that actually moves the needle in that direction and keeps you focused on the biz goals that are turning you on right now.



We'll remove any unnecessary fluff and zero in on the aligned action that is going to generate the results you want so you know exactly how to practice showing-up in your business.




Being focused in your biz building allows you to get to know yourself and your audience on a deeper level, so you can build out processes and procedures that generate reliable results for you and them both!

In our time together, we'll get clear on:

>> the phase of business you are in


>> the mindset & beliefs that will support your marketing process

>> the energetic transmission beneath your particular skill set

>> the transformation that your products and services provide

>> the focused sales goal that serves your current biz desires

>> the marketing strategy that best aligns with your goal

You'll walk away feeling confident in your soulful biz strategy, empowered to market your magic + medicine in an intentional way and equipped with an action plan to keep you on track and focused on your current biz goals.

It's such a slippery slope to try and tackle all the things at once, to try to be in all the social media spaces.

You deserve to have an action plan of ease, one that fits your unique needs, allows you to utilize your strengths and gets you excited about sharing your message and serving your people with your magic + medicine!


The Soul Strategy Intensive uses the Pleasure, Practice, Process Framework to create you a next steps plan for building and/or growing your biz in an intentional way. Walk away feeling clear and equipped with an action plan to implement for your current project or goal.


  • New-ish soulpreneurs who are either:

    • Looking for an action plan around growing an audience and marketing their brand

    • Launching a product or service and wanting a promotional social media strategy

    • Looking to create ease in their biz through systematizing their content creation

  • Soulpreneurs who do not currently have the following:

    • A marketing plan that honors each phase of business

    • A sales process that generates leads

    • A content creation system and strategic posting schedule

Ready to step into that next version of your entrepreneurial self?

It's time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and start the strategic moves that will set you up for your desired results and provide a platform for expansion.

$275 (75min recorded video session)

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