You’ve been on a journey of awakening (or maybe it’s just begun!),

with a fire inside your heart leading you down a path of endless discovery...

You've listened to all the podcasts, read so many books, taken course after course, but the endless consumption of knowledge leaves you in overwhelm. You want to expand your consciousness and utilize this soul remembrance, but question if you will ever be able to balance everyday life with your spiritual side. 

it seems like everyone else has it figured out

while you're still wondering how to find your purpose, grow the confidence to pursue your passions

and live a life of peace and fulfillment

Take a deep breath... I see you.


The reason it’s overwhelming and not falling into place isn’t because there’s more for you to figure out.

What you need, is to let it all coalesce, through building relationship with your true and authentic nature

as a multidimensional Source-Soul-Self Being.

Call it the higher-self or anything you please! Whatever word works for you is fine by me.

The point is, you were conditioned to live in separation consciousness and this mindset likely infiltrated your current spiritual paradigm. You see yourself as separate from Source and Soul, even though you know it's all connected. The conditioning holds you hostage to an approach of this and that, black and white, right and wrong, spirit and human. Without realizing it, you orient from this space of disconnection, straining to make time for "spiritual" engagements and activities in order to build yourself a routine or practice that resembles all of the gurus and teachers you follow, hoping that modeling will help you finally feel the spiritual connection and fulfillment you so desperately desire.

But guess what?

YOU are the practice.

Self is the practice of Soul.

Wait... what?

Did I just say that building a relationship with yourself is the key to inner peace, passion and purpose?


Your Source-Soul-Self is your multidimensional inner-power.


Each individuation of the one-energy is a vehicle through which the fractal of creation experiences and expresses itself. Self is the practice of Soul, just as Soul is the practice of the Source that came before it.

(I did mention the fractal, right?).

You becoming more of yourself is the magic of this game of life.

You being authentically YOU is the spiritual breakthrough you've been searching for.

Exploring, experimenting and expressing your authentic Self is the secret to creating the life your heart desires and fulfilling the destiny your Soul intended for this incarnation. Source sought to experience itself and you are that experience in form. You are the present and living wisdom of the universe, in action, as it unfolds.

But there's all of that conditioning and programming we spoke about earlier, remember?

You've been programmed to assimilate and conform to something you are not (separate and disconnected). You've been conditioned to look outside of yourself for the answers to life's biggest questions, when all along your Source-Soul-Self has been whispering inspiration and truth to your wild heart and radiant mind.

Done struggling, hustling, conforming and searching?

Ready to transform your paradigm, rewild and change the world?


Hi! I'm Kelsey! aka @kelseykinseywhite


I help individuals expand into their multidimensional awareness so they can infuse Soul, their authentic essence and unique energetic signature, into everything that they do so they can live their heart out loud, actualize their dreams, and contribute to a world of diverse collaborators and co-creators that serve the evolution of humanity.

I'm all about that new paradigm work!

You were not created to fit in. You are called to embrace your whole self and embody your unique light coding, as it is a contribution to the evolution of this time/space. You are called to innovate new and creative ways of being, to inspire and lead others in what it looks like to break free from compliance, and to shake shit up! (BTW, all the great spiritual teachers throughout history were radicals, not traditionalist.) Can I get an amen!

Building relationship with your authentic essence takes work, but speaking from firsthand knowledge, it’s the most freeing and fulfilling experience to live in the passionate conviction and self-trust that results from the embodiment mindset of Source-Soul-Self. Creation isn’t stagnant. It is constantly evolving. And I’m here to give you permission to evolve from old paradigm spirituality into discovering your Soul’s unique way of exploring, experiencing

and expressing Source through the vehicle of Self.


welcome to the embodied initiation.

are you game?

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©2020  Kelsey Kinsey White