what is embodiment anyway?!

Are you willing to listen to me rant for a minute? Cuz I have lot to say on the subject!

Something that I have personally ran into in the spiritual industry is this concept that the human experience is 'less than', a punishment, a means of earning your way up some sort of spiritual hierarchy. That denying & rejecting our humanity, our embodied experience, is somehow connected to spiritual purification.

But all that thinking is just the bi-product of a system based on power & control. Through my journey, I realized that connection, collaboration & co-creation were the values that spoke to me through the still and soft voice of soul, that I didn't have to buy into systems of separation and perpetuate structures of control.


I remembered that I came here to be the change

I wanted to see in the world.

I realized how all of the social conditioning and societal programming of this world was just an invitation for me to come home to myself, to my wild and illumined heart. That all my life soul was whispering to me it's vision of inspiration, innovation & expansion. I just needed to quiet the outside noise so I could listen.

I began to dismantle all the scripts that told me to change who I was, to conform to some ideal, to reject aspects of myself, to assimilate into acceptable and normalized modes of being, to constantly fix and heal...

I began to see how deeply connected we all are, fractals of one giant human soul, each experiencing their own moment of individuation. That if we could only understand the multidimensional magic of being so connected AND beautiful individuated, we could build a world that values uniqueness, authenticity, collaboration, community and co-creation for a common good.


I realized that I needed to create space for this wholeness, this connectedness, to exist within me. And so I started with creating space for my whole self.

--> the energetic aspects like spirit, soul or essence

--> the non-tangible facets like mind, thoughts, ideas

--> the feeling parts like my heart and my emotions

--> and the beautiful instrument that supports the functioning of everything above, my body

My body is the thing that gives my energetic, non-tangible and feelings parts life. It allows me to give my thoughts and ideas a voice, to bring my dreams and desires into form, to actually create an impact through my actions, words and deeds.

Without this body, all of that magic would sit in the ether as something theoretical, abstract. I get to be the anchor that grounds it all into this material plane.

I am an embodied creator.

And my body is more than just my physical form, it is my humanity, my identity. All of that shapes the way I get to show-up in the world. All of that provides context to where/how I can be the change and create ripples.


The more I include and engage my body, my humanity and identity, as a facet of soul, the more connected I feel to Source, to others, to this planet. The more I feel empowered to take up space in my creator energy, to speak up, to inspire, to stretch myself, to go first.




Dear Visionary,

You are not here to just float through life. You are here to build something, to shake shit up, to be the change.

So what is it you want to create?

Maybe you already know what it is but you just don't know where to start. Or maybe you're still completely unsure. Either way, we need you.


You are embodied for a reason.

You have signature magic and medicine that is just waiting for the go-ahead to pour out of you!

It is my mission to help you navigate all of that, to empower visionaries like you who are ready to be & do in service to soul.


welcome to the embodied initiation.

are you game?

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