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what is embodiment anyway?!

Are you willing to listen to me rant for a minute? Cuz I have lot to say on the subject!

I grew up in organized religion and from an early age I struggled with the disparity I saw between the intellectualizing of values and how they were, or rather weren't, personified. In all honesty, it fascinated me. I was eager to learn more about people, why we are they way we are, why we do the things we do, how social/community norms influence our choices, and how to change our thoughts, patterns and beliefs if and when they cause harm to our humanity.

I studied psychology and behavioral science while in college and began my journey into the human psyche. I couldn't enough on understanding the inner-workings of human beings. And the beginning of my spiritual journey in my mid 20's only fueled my passion. But it also came with some surprises...

I began to notice similarities between the religious dogma I grew up with and the 'non-religious, but spiritual' community I was now a part of. Over and over again was the focus on intellectualizing, conceptualizing and preaching (hello, love & light!) but without the personification.


I also noticed a theme of separation across both spaces. In the organized religion of my childhood, humanity was separate from the divine, less-than, dirty, disgraced. In the spiritual/wellness industry there was a separation between mind and body, where so much focus was placed on mindset and consciousness but neglected to address the complex, nuanced and lived realities of the embodied human being.

I realized that being the change I wanted to see in the world couldn't happen from a conceptual experience alone.

I realized there were enough people in the world with ideas about how to be happy, successful, compassionate, liberatory and fulfilled humans. I realized that in order to be and become my unique flavor of those things, I was going to have to practice embodying them, modeling them, not just thinking about them but personifying those values through exploratory action and experimentation.

And now that's how I help others. As a coach and guide, I help people connect to their values + vision from an embodied (not conceptual) space, so they can change their behavior and felt sense of self, so they can have their desired experience while building a life and biz they love from an empowered place.



Seriously, think about it!

Reading the top 10 best selling gardening books doesn't make you a master gardener. It's the experience of being in the garden, practicing your art, failing, fucking it up, sticking with it, refining as you go, consistently honing your craft that makes all the difference.

Now, this doesn't mean that we can't experience fast results or see things shift quickly. But I am so tired of the spiritual and wellness spaces touting secret formulas, magic pills, silver bullets and quick-fixes. Let's be honest, it's all just another version of escape from the complex majesty of our embodied human experience. Building a legacy and a body of work requires trust and the capacity to be with the nuanced experience of creation.


i believe there's a profound depth to life when we approach it from the perspective of practice versus arrival.


I believe in steady, sustainable growth and I've experienced the profound beauty in falling in love with process.

I realized how important it was to work from a wholeself perspective, so that embodied transformation [through a holistic process of authentic connection, mindset, strategy and execution] could truly take place.


Dear Entrepreneur & Visionary,

This work is for you if you’re tired of hustle culture, consumer overwhelm, conditioning around who you’re supposed to be and feeling like you don’t know how to commit to being more of your authentic self in a world constantly asking you to conform to a set of socialized “norms”. This is for you if you’re ready to stop learning about how to be happy, successful and whole and ready to start practicing what your version of happy, successful and whole looks like.

My work exists to counteract the harmful disembodied success tactics, the empty quick-fixes and easy buttons for transformation, and the spiritual magic pills and secret formulas to transcendence that dishonor our humanity and human experience of self + soul.


While these approaches diminish our unique and creative qualities, ask us to conform and fit in for success or happiness, bypass the very lived reality of being embodied and reduce the complexity of our humanity (self-identity and existing within a socio-cultural-political frameworks)...

My work exists to nurture the wholeself, to honor the embodied experience from a holistic perspective and facilitate personalized, authentic journeys of sustainable growth and transformation.

i believe that who we are exists at the intersection of our innate spirit/soul, our conditioned and practiced behavior and our socio-cultural systems and structures.


I believe all of this context shapes our complex identities as embodied beings and needs to be addressed if we are to transform our modes of being into ones that support our personal desires and dreams and contribute to a world that honors not just the individual, but also community well-being.

There isn't a one size fits all formula for you creating a life and biz you love! And you being that entrepreneurial version of yourself isn't a conceptual experience --> you want it to be embodied! The wholeself approach of relationship with your desires, values + vision, mindset, strategy, refining through consistent aligned-action and connection to the resulting impact (in your own life and the world at large) is the what changes the game.


This is what soul embodiment work and biz foundations coaching means to me.


welcome to the embodied initiation.

are you game?

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