Hello, Dear Soul!

My name is Kelsey and I am an artist, spiritual explorer, metaphysical teacher and coach. It is my mission is to assist humanity and the planet through connecting to the highest truth of all, Source-Love. I think we are in a time of great shift, a time where old paradigms and limiting beliefs systems are falling away. We are ushering in a new awareness of unconditional love, anchoring deeper levels of expanded consciousness centered in compassion for self and fellow-being. I believe you came here to help usher in this change and anchor these higher frequencies of Being into this plane of existence. We are here, building and creating the earth experience we desire through the beauty of our hearts in connection with the tool of our mind. It is time to awaken to our divine nature as the creators of this earth realm by receiving and revealing the love that always was and already is inside of us.

You, my dear, are the light of Source-Love made manifest through the individuality of your Soul-Essence expressed through the portal of your human identity, the Self. As Human-Beings, we are the portals through which the higher light of divine nature is anchored into this realm. By delving into the Self-Identity, our Human-Beingness, we align with the light of our Soul-Essence so that it can be expressed through and our instrument of form. We are creating a new realm of existence in collaboration with Gaia, a physicalized expression of Source Energy experiencing itself.

What did your Soul endeavor to experience, experiment with, express and create in this world? These desires of our heart are often shadowed by mental conditioning, limiting belief systems and separation consciousness. But you are here, reading this, exploring what lies beyond the old paradigm. You feel that call on your heart to express your authenticity, to express the divine light of your infinite and limitless potential. It starts with you, with the journey of inner-seeking that uncovers and reveals new evidences of what it means to be spiritual, to be a Human-Being. I am here to guide you as you journey through the Art of Seeking ‘Self’ to uncover more of who it is you are in Source as you unfold into the Creator-Being you always were and already are. Through working within the portal of the heart, I help people leave behind the mental conditioning that limits the expression of the divine within them. I empower individuals to see the light of Source within themselves, to see themselves as Source sees them, as Sons & Daughters of God. Welcome Home.


a : the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character

b : the individual, real, or ultimate nature of a thing especially as opposed to its existence

c : the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features

the inward nature, true substance, or constitution of anything, as opposed to what is accidental, phenomenal, illusory, etc.

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©2020  Kelsey Kinsey White