The soul-signature session was created to support you in understanding your divine gifts,

discovering the archetypal energies and creator codes you came into this lifetime to explore, experiment with & express,

uncovering a sense of soul purpose

and embarking on the journey of soul emergence 



Soul-Signature sessions are intuitive readings that assess the unique archetypal energy you brought with you into this lifetime so that you can better understand the properties of your unique creator-energy.


Your unique Soul-Signature is a combination of

Soul-Essence (your light-potential)

Self-Identity (your light-coding)

These things together create the template of your Soul-Signature, what some call the Soul Blueprint. I will explore aspects of your birthchart, numerology and other archetypal systems to intuitively uncover the template information that best serves your current state of soul emergence, embodiment and integration.

These sessions utilize a unique blend of all my faculties including coaching, intuitive guidance, channeling, and energetic work. Part of my process includes sealing each session with inner-illumination attunements and celestial code activations.

I act as a guide and facilitator, assisting you on your journey of unfoldment as you create deeper awareness and connection to your authentic self and creator essence. It is my mission to have you walk away feeling empowered and confident, ready to enact change and move forward in life through alignment to your soul wisdom, your source inside.


Sessions are approximately 45min in length.

©2020  Kelsey Kinsey White