If you are looking to raise your vibration and integrate deeper higher-self awareness into your everyday reality in order to live a life that joyfully supports your soul's purpose,

this customized approach will illuminate and activate

the power of your potential so that you can

compassionately and consciously create a life in alignment with your Source-Soul-Self.


Through my coaching packages, it is my mission to illuminate and activate the soul wisdom that already exists with you so that you can align your life and expand your potential in whatever way serves your illumined heart.

Personalized Package

The Soul Illumined Life Coaching Package includes 6 consecutive one-hour intuitive coaching sessions that build upon each other in order to accelerate your soul emergence and development process. This package includes regular educational components along with other techniques, strategies and resources to support your personal goals. Whether you are looking to develop your intuitive abilities, increase your inner-awareness, create emotional well-being or further align to your soul purpose, this curated spiritual evolution program will support you as you up-level and transform yourself from the inside out.

We address 4 major aspects of the human experience including:

  • Spiritual Connection, Presence & Sovereignty

  • Emotional Intelligence & Well-Being

  • Mental Patterns & Conditioning

  • Personal Practices & Inspired Action

We work within these 4 aspects with a focus on creating personalized and sustainable personal evolution and soul emergence processes.



The Bundle

The Soul Illumined Life Coaching Bundle is a smaller version of the Package that allows you the freedom to come and go as needed. If you are looking for support without a length of commitment, the Bundle is the option for you. The Bundle includes 2 one-hour intuitive coaching sessions that you can schedule according to our combined availability. Along with your higher-self and spiritual emissaries, we will intuitively design a program to facilitate alignment that supports your authentic self-expression, spiritual development and soul-emergence. This may include regular educational components along with other techniques, strategies and resources to support your personal goals.


Sessions utilize a unique blend of all my faculties including coaching, intuitive guidance, channeling, inner-illumination activation, energetic work, and attunements to address your specific needs. Bundles and Packages are uniquely designed to address your personal goals, current vibration and soul-alignment.


Because this is dedicated and intensive work, I only take a limited number of coaching clients at a time. If you are interested in one of these program,

please fill out an application!

If we are in alignment, I will contact you to schedule a 30-minute discovery meeting where we will discucss your goals, intentions, current systems/practices and future session scheduling. I believe in a commitment to regular sessions as well as personal practice to support the teachings and discovery we uncover together in session. Payment plans available upon request.


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