6 week live personal evolution program integrating 5D alignment and soul-signature into your everyday reality so that you can activate and embody your light coding and live as the empowered creator being that you are

The 5D realm is the next stage of evolutionary consciousness development for the human being. As light-leaders, paradigm shifters and conscious creators,

we are here to light the way!  


So let me ask you, do you have:

  • the activated awareness required to move into your potential?

  • the tools to support alignment to your unique signature?

  • the clarity + courage it takes to embody, express and experiment with these things?

Many spiritual seekers have accessed activated awareness but halt at implementing and applying it. The thing is, we grow and expand through embodying and this requires both being and doing. It’s one thing to have knowledge, but an entirely different thing to become it as living wisdom.


Are you at the point in your path where you have over-consumed information, knowledge and awareness but have yet to truly integrate it through conscious creation and experimentation? Seed of Soul is here to support your individual journey of becoming as you dive deep within in order to live your heart out loud.

The transformative Journey of Becoming is not about changing who you are, it’s about creating the space to cease being who you are not so that you can welcome more expression of your authenticity.


This program focuses on this process through three distinct phases:

Receiving, Remembering, & Revealing


  • The Receiving Phase involves deep, unconditional acceptance of Self through exploring and unlearning the stories, narratives and belief systems that impede our light signature from fully expressing.


  • The Remembering Phase involves formulating new belief systems that support our unique light, open a path to sustainable self-love, and provide us the courage to pursue conscious creation through the trinity of Source Soul Self.


  • The Revealing Phase involves embodying our values, light coding, and new systems of belief though being and doing. This means regular communion with the above things as well as creation through them via experimentation, inspired action and refinement by doing. This is the leap from knowledge into living wisdom.

The beauty of a live group program is that we get to support one another, we get to journey together which amplifies the expansion, integration and embodiment process. No one can do your journey for you, and it many ways it requires processing alone. But alone doesn’t have to mean lonely! We can support each other, grow together, co-create, collaborate and shine as individuals who support the greater intention of the human evolutionary process.

Get ready for this energetic upgrade journey

that attunes your consciousness system to support

the alignment and integration of higher-self awareness

so that you can approach the world with your own

elevated operating system of belief,

sourced in love and your sovereign identity

as a conscious creator being.

  • Six course modules created with channeled and energetically coded content

  • Six weekly live and recorded group integration sessions via zoom call

  • A Seed of Soul Workbook and supplemental materials to help you integrate and apply program content

  • One-year access to the program content hosted on our website

Seed of Soul is an energetic immersion and attunement process that adjusts and realigns your energy grid so that you can form a new belief system around the self and the human identity that serves your soul’s multidimensional purpose in this lifetime.


This program takes a deep dive into the fractal of creation, the body of god/universe, the unity between The All and the individual, the evolution of the human consciousness system and the divine purpose of you as a creator and contributor to the journey of the Singularity experiencing itself. Seed of Soul illuminates and activates the power of your divine potential so that you can compassionately and consciously create a life in alignment with your sovereign trinity of Source-Soul-Self.


As a sacred, sovereign being, you are a creator in your own right, incarnated and embodied in order to perpetuate creation through the authentic expression of your essence into material form. Your essence, your unique light signature, is a vital contribution to the ecosystem that is the universe. If you are no longer willing to dim your light and are ready to begin expressing your Soul-Essence through the portal of Self as the sovereign creator being you are, join Seed of Soul.

The Journey of the Conscious Creator includes:

Activating your light Potential through

aligning to your light signature through

expanding & embodying your light coding through

This program is not your traditional course experience of memorizing and recalling facts. It is a journey of receiving your self in compassion for who you are, right now in this moment. It is an awakening to the light of Source-Love that always has been and already is within you.

Many people are operating under belief systems that give their sovereignty away. The old paradigms held us in separation and fear and therefore prevented us from recognizing our own glory as divine ones, as children of creator. It's time to remember who you are and where you come from.

Your divine purpose is to perpetuate creation by revealing your Soul-Essence, your beautiful and unique energetic signature, through the portal of Self in order to create a new awareness of Source-Love within this time/space reality of physical existence. Are you ready to answer the call?

Week 2: The Universe of You

  • Realms of Self:  The Multidimensional You

  • Love, Will, Wisdom: Source Consciousness

  • Christ Consciousness: The Divine Embodied

  • Ascension & Evolution: Infinite Creation

  • Self-Exploration & Self-Discovery: The Divine Experiment

  • Inner = Outer: Personal Transformation

Week 1: The One Energy

  • The Foundation: The Singularity and the Fractal of Creation

  • Source, Soul, Self: The Unity of Divine

  • Creator Energy: Source In You

  • The Art of Seeking Self: The Portal of Personality

  • Remembering your Divine Nature: Unlearning & Unfoldment

Week 3: Soul-Signature

  • The Heart Portal: Your Source-Inside

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Complex: The Human Design

  • Zero Point Field: Your Singularity

Week 4: Essence Integration

  • Inner-Communion: Building Relationship

  • Inner-Knowing: Layered Consciousness

  • Energy, Vibration, Frequency: Conscious Creation

  • Original Resonance: The Unique Soul-Signature

Week 5: Sovereign Self

  • Presence, Intention, Expression: The Fractal Revisited

  • The Three Keys: Practicing Presence

  • Sovereign Energy: Autonomy in Action

  • Body of God: The Unity of Divine

  • The Integrated System: Unified Self

Week 6: Embodiment of Soul

  • Process Oriented Evolution: Refinement By Doing

  • Radical Responsibility: Expanded Awareness

  • Reparenting the Self: Becoming Your Own Healer

  • Light Hoarding: Sovereign Creation

  • Light Leadership: Be The Change

  • Seed of Soul: Source-Inside Consciousness

Digital Download

  • Seed of Soul Workbook: PDF

Content Updates

  • Curriculum Upgrades + Additional Resources

My courses are alive and ever-evolving. Therefore, additional materials may be made added to the student portal over time.

  • You are prepared break down the old paradigms of separation consciousness that told us we were less-than, unworthy, and shameful so that you can rebuild a system of consciousness and self-identity in alignment with 5D frequencies of Source-Love and Soul-Essence

  • You want to raise your vibration, adjust your energy field, integrate higher-self awareness and embodiment of your Soul-Signature into your daily life

  • You are seeking to expand your current alignment and practices to include deeper relationship with your inner-being and develop the clarity and courage to live a life of authentic self-expression as the multidimensional creator-being that you are

  • You are ready to understand your sovereignty and creator energy in a new way, receive yourself in compassion, remember your divine purpose as a    creator-being, and express your unique light signature in creative and empowered ways

This program was designed to allow deep energetic integration of the content into your mind, body and spirit. There is a quality of energetic transference and attuning that occurs with each module.

Additionally, you will find exclusive activation meditations and recorded Q&A sessions to help you further integrate the program energy and content.

This program is alive, meaning the above structure is currently being created/produced yet the way this program unfolds will in part be contextualized by the group itself, the students individual journeys and the intentions we hold together as a collective. The current timeline for launch is Spring 2020.

If you would like to join Seed of Soul, please contact me to be kept in the loop and put on the waitlist


©2020  Kelsey Kinsey White