Did you know that by being your beautiful authentic self, you are medicine to the ecosystem of creation? Your authentic expression is how you serve the world. It is your specialized light frequency. Yet so many of us are stuck in patterns of compliance, assimilation, conformity and comparison, afraid to even discover our authentic light medicine yet alone share it!

If you consider yourself to be a







you are here to anchor the higher dimensional frequencies of your soul coding and elevate consciousness through integrating and embodying those frequencies as a living example of the soul-embodied human in touch with their eternal essence, sovereign nature, and creator energy. You are here to consciously create new systems and structures that empower individuality, authenticity, presence, alignment & flow, personal growth & development, innovation, unity, unconditional love and the emergence of compassionate & creative soul-embodied consciousness.

As spiritual seekers, we hear all the time that the answers we seek are inside of us. But how exactly do we find them? Our fast-paced, unbalanced societies and systems don't encourage the depth of inner-knowing, the flow of personal alignment and authentic expression or the emergence of soul-embodied consciousness. In a world full of quick fixes, band-aid solutions and bypassing, how do we navigate not only discovering the answers we seek but also integrating and embodying the wisdom they offer?

In order to discover, uncover and reveal the answers to our existential questions, we must commit to going within, to knowing ourselves, to building relationship with our energy as Source-Soul-Self. It is only then that the information and answers begin to unfold and blossom from within us. We must commit to consciously creating pathways for our soul-essence, our truest form, to emerge, manifest and anchor.


We need people to start owning their magnificence as unique individuals, owing their innate gifts and talents, honoring their passions and pursing lives in alignment with their soul. It starts with the leaders that are brave enough to guide humanity through exploring, experimenting and expressing their soul light. The leaders that empower others to become more of their truest selves, to take leaps of faith, to seek their own answers, to follow their hearts and serve just by being their beautiful, whole, sovereign selves.

It starts with you.

Change your paradigm, change the world.

This is how you lead by example, demonstrate what is possible and midwife others through the process of loving themselves enough to be the change they wish to see in the world.

So how are you supporting your soul-emergence process? How are you encouraging personal development, growth and evolution so that you can embody the frequencies you came here to be? How are you creating sustainable pathways for authentic expression of your soul's coding?

We all need a support system to help us grow, deepen our love for self and support our authentic expression as service to the world. Did you know that by being your beautiful self, you are a valuable contribution to the cosmic ecosystem? We need people to start owning their magnificence as unique individuals, owing their innate gifts, talents, honoring their passions and pursing lives in alignment with their soul. Your unique soul signature has something that edifies, uplifts and supports the expansion of this planet and collective consciousness. Your unique medicine is what you came here to express and share because it serves the current needs of this time/space reality.

So are you ready?

Are you ready to make the commitment to go within, to unpack, to unlearn, to decondition, to recalibrate, to repattern, to explore, discover & activate? There are no quick fixes here.

This work of Soul Emergence & Personal Evolution is a practice.

To do this work, you must learn to fall in love with process, to savor and celebrate every moment of growth & expansion. This work requires self-accountability & radical responsibility. I am here to support your unique journey, to assist you as you transmute old/out-dated energetic structures in order to consciously create and embody new systems of being that serve humanity.

Welcome to this one-stop shop to activate depth in your journey of loving, understanding, witnessing, exploring and expressing yourself as a beautiful soul-embodied human, here to emerge and grow into more of yourself as a creator being.

This Soul Emergence Membership + Mentoring Community was designed to assist you in becoming your own healer, intuitive, coach and self-sustaining support system so that you can be the light-leader you came here to be!

You are ready to harness your creator energy in a new way, to live your heart out loud and light the way for others to do the same. We are each unique individuals with unique light-codes and medicine to share with this planet. It's time to give ourselves permission to do the deep work, to discover our authentic selves, unleash our light and inspire others to do the same.

The Soul Emergence Portals consist of 9 energetically attuned modules of video lesson content and workshops designed to provide you the education, awareness, tools, techniques and inspiration to establish relationship with your unique light and consciously create personal pathways of emergence. If you are ready to take a deep dive into the trinity of Source-Soul-Self to uncover and discover your beingness in a new way and create a life that joyfully expresses your authentic soul codes, join us!

The Portals are alive and are continually updated with new content, awareness, education and support pertaining to the soul-emergence process, conscious creation and development of the sovereign self. This Membership also includes Monthly Energy Updates, Workshops, exclusive downloads, access to select On-Demand Courses and more!*

As we continue to grow, so will this membership platform and the offerings therein.

Here's what will happen if you join the

Soul Emergence Membership!

  • You will be prompted to become a member of this website and create a student account (or login to an existing account) in order to access the purchasing page.

  • Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email providing a link to access your Member Portal & Student Portal as well as the Soul Emergence facebook group.

  • Within the Member Portal, explore the 9 Soul Emergence Portals, Monthly Energy Updates and other member resources. You will have access to Soul Emergence content as long as your Soul Emergence Membership is active.

what to expect with the soul emergence


Receiving of Source-Soul-Self

Dismantling Limiting Belief Systems

Remembering & Integrating your Divine Nature

Releasing of Not-Self Patterning

Revealing your Infinite & Limitless Potential

Personal Healing & Paradigm Shifting

Establishing Connection to the Inner-Being

Exploring Aspects of Self

Deconstructing Mental Conditioning

Emotional Awareness & Intelligence

Experimenting with Heart & Mind Energy

Conscious Reprogramming

Expressing & Experiencing the Authentic Self

Increasing Light-Quotient & Light-Body Connection

Higher-Self Alignment

Activating Presence & Creator Energy

Fostering a Unified Source-Soul-Self Relationship

Aligning to the Sovereign Self

Expanded Self Awareness

Energetic Autonomy

Anchoring & Manifesting a Soul-Aligned Life

Discovering Soul-Aligned Service

Conscious Creation in Everyday Reality

Development of Sovereign Light Leadership

*As of March 2020, the Soul Emergence Membership is undergoing beta testing. All details of said membership- including but not limited to pricing, content inclusions, content access, and structure of content distribution- are subject to change at any time. Members have the right to cancel membership at any time.

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