Discover the power of your energetic heart,

the importance of establishing relationship with your singularity and the mechanics of soul-aligned

manifestation and inner-alchemy

explore the layers of your quantum heart connections

commune with the power of your energetic heart

discover and develop your inner-authority

express your unique soul-essence

  • Two in-depth modules containing lessons created with channeled information/content

  • Exercises, techniques, and supplemental materials to deepen your personal transformation and help you integrate and apply program content

  • One-year access to the course content hosted on our website

  • You are a seasoned spiritual seeker looking to develop a deeper understanding of the triune being and unified self OR you are new to the spiritual path and wondering where to start your journey of awakening and how to take the next step in your personal process of unfoldment

  • You are ready to discover the divine design behind your energetic heart as your source of soul wisdom and purpose so that you can consciously create the life you long for

  • You want to raise your vibration, connect to your sovereignty as a creator being, and integrate heart awareness to live a life that joyfully expresses your authentic soul-essence

The Energetic Heart course is an activation and attunement experience that expands and aligns your energy field so that you can establish deeper connection and relationship with the portal of your energetic heart.

This course discusses the fractal of creation, The Singularity and the resulting universe of you as your own singularity made within the image and likeness of Source. Through the lessons you will discover the purpose and mechanics of your heart energy, the system of consciousness that emanates from it and how to integrate heart awareness into your everyday reality. The Energetic Heart illuminates and activates the power of your potential through heart awareness so that you can compassionately and consciously create a life in alignment with your soul-essence.


As an aspect of the one energy, you are a creator, incarnated and embodied in order to perpetuate creation through the authentic expression of your essence into material form. Your essence, your unique light signature, is a vital contribution to the ecosystem that is the universe. If you are ready to build relationship with your essence through the portal of

your Energetic Heart, this course is for you!

  • You are seeking to align to the unconditional love of the universe that is you in a way that creates a path of radical trasnformation into the soul-awakened self

Discover the quantum nature of your energetic heart, the mechanics of soul-aligned manifestation, the process of inner-alchemy and the divine aspects of the triune being. Align your life through the power of relationship with your Source-Inside.

This course is not the traditional class design of memorizing and recalling facts. It is an energetic immersion process that unfolds over time with your participation during the course and personal practice thereafter. Get ready to up-level your awakening process!

Reveal the source of your Sovereign Energy and Inner-Authority through the integration of your Energetic Heart. Transform your understanding of the human identity through Inner-Communion with your system of consciousness.

what you will discover, UNCOVER & REVEAL with this course

module 1

Lesson 1

  • Trinity of Heart: Layers of Heart Consciousness

Lesson 2

  • The Heart Portal: Journey into Your Singularity

module 2

Lesson 3

  • The Zero-Point Field: Manifestation & Alchemy

Lesson 4

  • Inner-Communion: Building Relationship

module 2


Digital Download

  • Energetic Heart Workbook: PDF

Content Updates

  • Curriculum Upgrades + Additional Resources

My courses are alive and ever-evolving. Therefore, additional materials may be made added to the student portal over time.


This course was designed to allow deep energetic absorption of the content into your mind, body and spirit. There is a quality of energetic activation and attuning that occurs with each video lesson. The workbook allows for integration of the content and acts as a guide to help you implement and apply the concepts covered in your personal practice.

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