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for womxn visionaries who are ready to creatively personify their values,

practice taking up space, expand into their vision, actualize their dreams,

and live on purpose with pleasure, peace & passion



fuck yes

Are you ready to ignite your authentic beingness, build an embodied relationship with soul, and begin manifesting your truest desires and dreams so that you can create the positive impact on the world

you know you're here for?

Enter, Embodied Creatrix

this isn't just another course

this isn't a one-size fits all formula to follow

this is way more than just a group coaching program

this is you becoming more of yourself and embodying your authentic soul essence in real-time so you can GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY & MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN

this immersive program will completely change the way you experience self + soul and transform the way you show-up in the world

this is a sacred container for magic, alchemy, empowerment, self exploration & expression so you can get comfortable in your own skin, anchor new ways of doing + being human and own your agency as an embodied creatrix

i'm so in!

You have a fire in your heart. YOUR HAVE A VISION FOR YOUR LIFE.

You know you have sacred gifts to offer the world.

You know you're here for a purpose.

But most days you're wondering, "wtf am I supposed to be doing and how can I experience inner-peace, self trust and acheive the impact I know I'm here for?"

I totally get it.

I'm guessing that overwhelm on where/how to begin moving the needle on your dreams is getting old.

  • You want to find your flow, to feel connected to the greater vision of creation instead of constantly feeling like you are walking an uphill battle full of confusion, forcing and so much hustle.

  • You want to feel empowered in how you show-up in the world, confident in your actions and decisions instead of always second-guessing yourself.

  • You want to experience freedom and fulfillment, just by being your fullest self! You're tired of trying to change who you are to fit all of the "shoulds" of the world, of trying to constantly "fix" all that things so that you can finally earn your happiness.

  • You want to feel a sense of peace and move from a place of self-trust, instead of continually wondering if you are making the right choices.

  • You want to feel deeply connected to your soul's unique reason for being embodied so that you can give life to that vision & mission!

But all of that feels so fucking far away.

You, dear soul, are a creatrix.

And embodiment is your sacred initiation rite.

You are here to manifest and actualize change, to usher in a new way of being that serves the evolution of this planet. The desires of your heart are just the seeds of your soul's vision. To bring them to life, you can't just day-dream about them. You have to become them in action.


That is embodiment. It is wholeself creation magic.

Listen, maybe you already feel connected to your unique soul plan, but are stuck on how to implement it. Or maybe you don't feel at all connected to the vision your soul designed for this life.

Either way, I fully believe you have a unique soul signature transmission that serves the evolution and well-being of this world, and together we can get you clear and connected to embodying that sacred beingness in powerful and creative ways. And I'm here to show-up for you and your unique self + soul vision.

Will you meet me halfway?

We're going deep. We're getting real. We're shaking shit up.

Are you ready for the embodied initiation?

let me in already!

So how does all this work?

My Embodiment Methodology is a three phase framework of

Soul Integration + Self Evolution

so you can reclaim your agency as an embodied creatrix, express your authentic self, live on purpose, and serve your soul's vision.

This work is designed to help you clarify your desires, connect your dreams to a collective vision, activate your ownership of self as soul, and ultimately...


so you can own your light, live your heart out loud and transform your dreams into lived reality.



Week 1 | Exploring Desires & Goals

We'll begin with intention setting, owning your desires + dreams and setting personal goals.

Week 2 | Experimenting with Underlying Values

We're digging deeper into your desire + dreams to discover the values and essence underneath them so you can experience and hold that expansive energy in the body. We're gonna get a little woo woo and cover that energetic magnetic attraction stuff!

Week 3 | Expressing & Expanding Vision

You'll learn how values inform soul vision and you'll practice being visible in advocating for your vision and taking up space in boldly claiming it. You want the universe to show-up for you and your dreams? You gotta show-up for yourself first!

Week 4 | Receiving Whole & Authentic Self

We'll work through limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears. You'll practice connecting to the both/and state and showing-up for your vision even in the discomfort. This involves naming your fears and dismantling thought structures that hold you to outdated stories/standards around vulnerability and self-acceptance.

Week 5 | Remembering Ease & Deconditioning Hustle

You'll learn the mindset hack that will completely change the way you show-up for self, soul & service. We'll practice going deeper on strategy, on shifting patterns of stretching yourself thin, and moving into the body for ease & inspiration.

Week 6 | Revealing & Reprogramming Purpose

You'll learn about whole-self acceptance and practice moving through doubt in your empowered creator energy. You'll practice giving yourself permission to own where you're at from a space of deep self-trust.

Week 7 | Activating Soul Signature

We'll explore your unique essence and what is required to turn on and expand into your whole system of consciousness so that you can move from that magnetic space of connection. You'll implement personal strategies and practice embodiment of your unique signature.

Week 8 | Aligning Action & Behavior

You'll get to experiment with different environments, habits, and actions that support your personhood + vision as soul and practice showing-up to serve through your energetic transmission. 

Week 9 | Anchoring Soul State

We'll put it all together and brainstorm ways for you to take all you've learned with you, out into the world, as we prepared to close our sacred container.

get me embodied!

the deets


This journey is for individuals who identify as womxn, femmes, embodiments of feminine energy and/or who socialize as female, that are ready to ignite their creativity and self-leadership, clarify and embody their values + vision, and exercise self love, acceptance and receivership so they can live on purpose and serve soul's vision without burnout and self-doubt.


The early bird price is $720 for this immersive group coaching program. Early bird pricing ends on March 12th!

The full price of this program is $900. And there are payment plans available!


This is a 9 week journey starting April 5th, 2021 (if you're into numerology like me, 2021= a 5 year and we're starting on the 5th! Which means there's big energy here as the number 5 represents curiosity, sensuality, freedom and change!)


  • Weekly content modules, which include video lessons and comprehensive workbook downloads, drop every Monday in the student portal.

  • Weekly group coaching calls occur every Thursdays, 1:00-2:30 PST with replays available!

  • We grow in community! There is a private Embodied Creatrix fb group to support your journey, connection and magic.


Of course! Stay tuned and be sure to check my platforms for scholarship information in the coming weeks. I'm happy to offer sliding scale pricing for BBIPOC & LGBTQ individuals. Email kelsey@kelseykinseywhite.com for more information.


I have a no refund policy. But I promise to go all in for your dreams and know that if you can do the same, some magical shit is gonna happen :)

Here's what will happen when you join the

Embodied Creatrix Program!

  • You will be prompted to become a member of this website and create a student account (or login to an existing account) in order to access the purchasing page.

  • Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email providing a link to access your Student Portal as well as the private Embodied Creatrix fb group. The program officially begins the week of April 5th, 2021.

  • You will have access to the program content for 1 year after purchase.

sign me up

Cart Closed

Hey there, Friend! I'm Kelsey and I know exactly what all that questioning, second-guessing and overwhelm feels like, because I've been there!

I was in enoughness mode for years. I felt like I needed to know all the things before I could even begin to experience alignment, confidence and connection to my soul's purpose. I was always searching for the next thing that would ensure I knew enough, was qualified enough, that I was enough, to finally pursue my dreams

I still navigate untillness mode! I still slip from time to time into the pattern of earning my right to pleasure, peace and passion. It's a subtle form of self-rejection, of shrinking, playing small, of closing myself off from the receivership of that which I AM.

Any of this sound familiar?

The world (especially the spiritual industry!) will tell you over and over again that you need to fix yourself, heal yourself, change yourself, in order to finally have what you want --> peace, success, happiness etc.

That your humanity is dirty, inherently flawed, that you are broekn because of it. I call bullshit.

You are whole and holy already, embodied creator being! This life is an opportunity to refine and optimize your embodied creative process so that you can make the impact on the collective you are here to make, to give what it is your creator codes are here to share.


So how do you do this? Deeper connection to Self As Soul.

There is no separation between self and soul. The Self, your humanity, is a portal for creation.

 You are an embodied creator being, an Embodied Creatrix.

Self is the Practice of Soul

You are here to personify the unique essence, the signature energetic transmission, that is your ancient soul. Your humanity is a vehcle for the magic and alchemy your fundamental soul energetics are here to express. And to embody creation magic that you are, you have to go deep within and break the habits of searching from without. It requires radical love, acceptance, accountability and joy, exploration, experimentation, play!

I'm here to help you break free from those cycles of confusion and patterns of self-doubt so that you can receive yourself and experience the pleasure, peace, and passion you already are. It is my mission to empower you with the tools needed to live on purpose with clarity + conviction in your soul's mission so that you can boldly express your medicine, make a magical impact in your circles, transform your dreams into lived reality and feel good doing it. No more bullshit, burnout or bypassing your humanity in order to be "spiritual". Hello empowered and embodied creatrix!