You’ve been on a journey of self awareness,

connecting to your authenticity,

to the desires & dreams that beat inside your heart

But no matter how hard you try, it seems like you aren't moving the needle on your goals or making the meaningful impact your know you're capable of!


You've listened to all the podcasts, read so many books, taken course after course, but the endless consumption of knowledge leaves you in overwhelm. There's so much information out there, but you're in overload. You don't know where to start, which path to take or how to even begin creating the life you know is possible.

You want to wake up every morning not just with purpose, but also with a plan.

it seems like everyone else has it figured out while you're still wondering how to find your process, grow the confidence to own your magic & medicine in impactful ways, live a life of peace, freedom and fulfillment, and serve the shift and healing

you know you're here for!

Take a deep breath... I see you.

The reason it's overwhelming and not falling into place isn't because there's more for you to figure out. What you need, is to apply and implement what you've already got, to shift from conceptualizing into embodying what you already know.


Transformation is a practice. Growth is a process.

you'll never get to where you want to be through

mindset or knowledge alone.

because results require a plan & consistent execution.

Wisdom is applied knowledge; it is experiential and embodied.

Execution, experimentation & refining through aligned-action is the key to embodied transformation.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but we are often so worried about getting it 'right' that we never take that first step. Or maybe you're someone who has taken the leap! But as soon you hit your first roadblock, your mind did what it always does and you began to doubt your ability to actualize your vision.



Did I basically just say that "mindset isn't everything" ?!?

That moving the needle on your goals is an embodiment issue?


you don't need to learn any more about how to be happy, successful and impactful.

You need to start practicing what your version of happy, successful and impactful looks and feels like.

Seriously, how often are you shaping yourself to fit the mold of what is considered "soulful" or "spiritual" or "fulfilling" instead of living your authentic version of that?


Much of the spiritual wellness industry is inundated with transformation work that focuses on spiritual concepts and platitudes, but doesn't address the nuanced nature of the embodied reality and can even disconnect us from our individuality, identity and humanity. There isn't a one size fits all formula for you being your best self. And you being your best self isn't a conceptual experience --> you want it to be embodied!

My goal is to get you moving from a mind dominant model of concept/theory and into a mind-body connection where you can get super clear on your values and felt sense of purpose, embrace your wholeself magic, build a plan to get you actualizing your dreams and desires, and consistently showing-up for your unique vision.


Done struggling, hustling, conforming and searching?

Ready to transform your paradigm, rewild and change the world?


Hi! I'm Kelsey! aka @kelseykinseywhite

I'm raw, unfiltered practicality mixed with a hefty portion of wild feminine woo.

I help seekers anchor into their desires, achieve their goals and actualize their dreams so they can live a life that turns them on and contribute to a world of diverse collaborators and co-creators that serve the evolution of humanity.

Plain and Simple

I help you own your desires, get clear on your values + vision,

and practice the art of embodied creation so you

can build a meaningful life and make the soulful impact you know you're meant to.

My work is for you if you're tired of hustling to figure it out, tired of feeling like you're constantly fighting yourself when it comes to actualizing your vision and ready to practice of the stuff that actually moves the needle --> execution, experimentation and refining through aligned-action.

You know what you want. And you likely have some ideas on how to bring your dream into reality. All it takes is commitment, some patience, a lot of getting out of your own way, and a guide (me!) to support you in consistently showing up to embody and serve that vision.


You already have everything you need to live your heart out loud, do big things and make the impact you know you're here for. let's put it all together and get actionable.

Soul Embodiment is the practice of putting it all together to create a life in alignment with your values + vision.


welcome to the embodied initiation.

are you game?

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