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Kelsey is a Creator, Spiritual Educator, Intuitive Channel, Energy Worker, and Soul-Alignment Coach based in Southern California. She is dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness through activation of the heart-center, assisting others in unveiling and channeling their own unique identity in Source, their Soul-Essence. As a guide and facilitator, she creates a sacred environment for clients to open to their depth and uncover new awareness in Source, Soul and Self.

Her work focuses on the trinity of Source-Love, Soul-Essence and Self-Identity, illuminating divine light as the source of the Human-Being, shifting the old paradigms that hold the human identity in separation consciousness. Kelsey’s work opens portals for clients to connect to their own inner wisdom and guidance system, aligning them to the light of their Soul through deeper connection to the clarity and courage of the heart. She teaches on the integration of Heart and Mind energy, facilitating deep inner-expansion and personal empowerment so her clients can live heart-centered lives as the Creator-Beings that they are.

Kelsey offers a unique coaching/teaching style that focuses on guidance and support channeled from the higher perspective of the Archangelic Realm. Her sessions and courses provide clients with expanded awareness of the love within the universe, the art of inner-seeking, harnessing creator energy, the joy of being, the journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.

Much of her awakening began with the science and study of mind and consciousness. Kelsey has always had a fascination with the human psyche and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has worked with several mentors including Tricia Carr, Lauren Antuofermo and Crystal Anne Compton, the founder of the Lightworker’s Lab, an online spiritual community where Kelsey is a featured teacher/practitioner.

As an individual and educator that values compassion, connection, freedom, evolution, emergence and consciousness expansion, it is necessary for me prioritize my personal evolution journey so that I can be the change I wish to see in the world. It’s an ever-unfolding journey with many ups and downs, with failures and successes, times of clarity and courage, and many moments of discomfort, experimentation and refining by doing. Being the change requires both inner-work and outer-action. It requires self-compassion, self-accountability, a willingness to deconstruct perceived norms and personal comfort zones, and the courage to consciously create and embody new modes of existence.

I am committed to compassionately holding space for myself and my audience to engage in personal evolution, to

dismantle limiting systems/structures + create open, holistic, inclusive and sustainable personal paradigms

that contribute to the evolution of the collective consciousness of humanity.

My personal evolution journey currently has me listening, learning and leaning into inner-work and outer-action through the guidance and support of several educators, authors and coaches that focus on social justice and anti-racism work. I would like to share with you several individuals that are helping me engage in soulful activism, navigate discomfort with grace, dismantle harmful systems/structures, and create aligned-action that contributes to the liberation and unity of humanity. I recognize I am not qualified to coach/guide individuals through this scope of practice and so I invite you learn and evolve alongside me by supporting the work of these beautiful souls.

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My session with Kelsey was utterly empowering and she shined a light on who I really am at a soul level. She tapped into the very core of my current life experience with grace, love and exuberance and showed me how to walk my own path with strength and confidence. She is a true light worker who serves all with her brilliance and deep connection to spirit. I feel extremely humbled and grateful for her gifts and that she shared them with me. Thank you, Kelsey!

- Tia K.

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